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Proposed zoning by-law changes related to buildings within 30m setback from water

I recently received an email regarding proposed changes to the zoning by-law related to buildings located within the 30m setback from the water.  A summary of the issue can be found on the website of the Sydenham Lake Association:

The following documents explain the issue well including the concerns of cottagers/residents with properties in the affected zone. Essentially, the concern is that a “housekeeping” change will in fact prevent owners with “grandfathered” structures from changing their buildings in any way which involves removing a wall and would make it easier to extinguish grandfathered rights if a wall were removed.  Read the attachments….

Friends and Neighbours

HouskeepingReportToCofW2016 copy (1)

Peter, President NSOLA

NSOLA AGM scheduled for August 7, 2016

Take note that we will be holding our 2016 AGM on August 7, 2016.  Ben Chabot and Frontenac PP have very kindly allowed us to hold the meeting at the Park Office again.

Details, agenda to follow….


Update on Bedford/Salmon Lake Road Culverts

Mark Segsworth, Public Works Manager at the Township, recently provided me with the following update on the status of the Bedford and Salmon Lake Road culverts:

Bedford Road Culvert
The intention is to reline the culvert under Bedford Road commencing after July 1. This project has already been tendered and awarded.  The relining of the culvert should take about two weeks. We will be informed when the Township gets the construction schedule from the contractor.

Salmon Lake Road Culvert
Design is being finalized and tender in May at the latest. It is our intention to have the successful contractor mobilize towards the end of August with construction commencing after Labour Day.

Peter, President NSOLA