Reminder re: Dog-strangling vine

For those of you who were present at our AGM last year, you will recall the very informative presentation of Dale Kristensen, M.Sc., Ecological Services, Phytotron Manager, Queen’s University, on the invasive perennial “dog-strangling vine” which has been spreading rapidly and causing damage to ecosystems in Southern Ontario.  Dale contacted us recently with the following update and reminder on DSV control:

Please remind people that they should grasp the plants at the base and either dig (preferred method) or gently pull the plant up trying to keep the little buds at the base of the stem from breaking off. After a rain is best time as the soil is not as hard. Place the plants in a garbage bag and let them bake in the sun for a few weeks.

This method only works if there are not a lot of plants, and the landowner is willing to redo the area 2 or 3 times over the summer to stop the plants from setting flower. Hopefully biocontrols will be available within the next several years.