Update on Bedford and Salmon Lake Road Culverts

Photo of "new" culverts prior to installation on Bedford Rd. (circa 1987)

Photo of “new” culverts prior to installation on Bedford Rd. (circa 1987).  Courtesy of Simon Smith.

Mark Segsworth, Public Works Manager with the Township of South Frontenac, has provided the following update from his supervisor, David Holliday, who is overseeing both the Bedford Road and Salmon Lake Road culvert rehab/replacement. Mark and David have discussed the Township’s approach with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Association (CRCA) and have let them know that they need to get the project to tender while they finalize approvals from them. Mark has invited any member of our association to call him or David if we have any questions.  Here’s the update from David:

Hi Mark,

I met with McIntosh Perry [consulting engineers] yesterday and they answered all of the questions for the Otter Lake Culvert on Bedford Road.

  1. The culvert liner is designed to last 50+ years
  2. The host pipe is not required to support the liner as we have specified a minimum strength to support the forces. However, other than the invert the host pipe is still in relatively decent shape.
  3. Work timeframe – It is anticipated construction will begin after October 1st and everything wrapped up by November 27th.
  4. A portage route has been planned as part of the project that will keep the tourists out of the construction zone. It appears there is a currently used route to the North that will be utilized.

We did not discuss Salmon Lake culvert as they have not received details about the soil foundations yet from the lab. I had a brief discussion with Laura (at MP) though and it sounds like bedrock much deeper than first anticipated which might create some issues. I will keep you in the loop as things progress.

Thank you,