New culvert planned between Holleford and Desert Lakes?

Larry Showler of Frontenac Outfitters has been informed that, in addition to the culverts at Bedford and Salmon Lake Roads (North and South Otter Lakes), the Township may also be planning to replace the culvert(s) between Holleford and Desert Lakes.  These culvert were installed in 1989 apparently, replacing what was a bridge.  According to Larry, all of these culverts vastly reduced water flow between the two lakes. Holleford’s lake water quality has consequently deteriorated substantially during the 26 years since.  Moreover, as Larry states, “this culvert along with the Rothwell/ North Otter Lake culvert and the North/ South Otter Lake(s) culvert block/ hinder a paddlesports/ small watercraft waterway, which extends to three Provincial Parks (Frontenac/ Charleston & Murphy’s Lake) and beyond north to Ottawa via the Rideau Systems and south to Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands. The potential to attract and promote environmentally responsible tourism to our region is overwhelming, while still protecting landowners rights and privacy. The above facts alone should provide ‘the powers to be’ with enough incentive to ensure these 3- crossings are completed professionally with an eye towards the future!”

Ben Chabot, our Park Superintendent, has written to say that he also supports the enhancement of paddling opportunities within South Frontenac Township “as this can significantly contribute to the overall success of the tourism industry within this region.” As he notes, “the route from South Otter, through Rothwell/Holleford/Desert is often used by both park visitors and those not visiting the park. If we are able to improve and expand on these paddling opportunities I feel that the Frontenac area could become an excellent paddle sports destination if we consider their needs during planning and development. I encourage everyone to consider this opportunity when planning for the future as it could benefit the local region in a positive manner.”