The 2020 Annual General Meeting

The 2020 AGM has been scheduled for Sunday August 9, 2020.  As in previous years we have reserved the activity room at the Frontenac Provincial Park Headquarters.

However the COVID-19 situation means that there is a strong possibility that we will not be able to hold a physical meeting at that time. The NSOLA Executive is monitoring the situation and the meeting will only go ahead then at that location if the government rules permit it and if the Executive considers it to be safe and prudent to do so.

If the physical meeting cannot proceed we plan to hold a virtual AGM on that same date, using Zoom. We held our last Executive meeting via Zoom and it worked well, so we have confidence that an AGM could be handled this way.

Stand by for more news as the situation evolves.

Anita Dunn
President, NSOLA