Power boats and the safety of swimmers

Several dangerous incidents have been reported over the summer where power boats have had near misses with swimmers, even though they have been wearing bright hats or been towing a florescent float. Swimmers have often had to resort to frantically yelling and waving to attract the boater’s attention.

This is especially a problem in the narrows at the east end of North Otter, where there are several regular swimmers and boats often pass through at high speed. But swimmers, many of them children, can be found all around the lake.

So if you or your guests operate a boat it is your duty to be constantly vigilant and watching for swimmers and other water craft. And please keep your speed down; our lake is small and remember there is a legal limit in Ontario of 10 km/hr within 30 metres of the shore.

Thank you for making our lake a safe place for all of us to enjoy.