Following up on the 2022 AGM

List of residents and cottagers

The list of cottagers and residents around North and South Otter lakes has been revised. If you would like a copy (PDF) please email me. It is NSOLA’s policy that this information be restricted to NSOLA members and not made public.

This list is very useful to have, both to help you get to know your neighbours around the lake, and in case of emergency when you might need to contact someone urgently, be they at their cottage or elsewhere.

Keeping lists up to date is always difficult and there will already be errors in this list. Please help by sending any corrections to Mike Kramer who is maintaining the list for everyone’s benefit.

Lake Partner Program (LPP) water testing

Unfortunately the official LPP results for 2021 have not yet been published by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. The latest information available is for years up to 2020. A summary of that data for North Otter Lake  is here. To search for the most up to date data at any time go the Ministry’s Map: Lake partner page.

There is a good overview of the LPP on the  FOCA website. From here there are links to the database of results covering all the tested Ontario lakes. For more details still, there is a very detailed 42 page FOCA report on the LPP.

Frontenac Park Updates

Park superintendent Ben Chabot’s update on what’s new and what’s happening in Frontenac Provincial Park is here.

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) Dashboard

The CRCA have a new Lake Report Dashboard which is worth browsing for lots of information about all the lakes and surrounding land in the CRCA’s jurisdiction. Be warned though, the interface is not the easiest, and is best viewed on a large screen.

After effects of the gypsy moths

It was a relief to all of us that the gypsy moth invasion of 2020 and 2021 is behind us and we hope that the next peak is many years away and a lot less strong. This is an interesting little article about the effects the gypsy moths can have on lake quality and carbon emissions.

Keith Dunn, NSOLA webmaster
August 23, 2022